Flight Operations

US airlines enjoy the highest safety ratings of any carriers in the world.  Why?  Because of the state of the art emphasis on Cockpit Resource Management.  Apollo’s crew’s are airline trained and operate according to airline standards and practices within Cockpit Resource Management.


Aircraft Management

Pilot Services

If you own an aircraft and your pilot’s need back-up during vacation time, sick leave or cross-scheduling, Apollo’s flight crews will likely be able to cover the type of aircraft you fly.  Contact our flight department.

Maintenance Oversight

As complex as your professional field of focus is, having the time to focus on a second complex field, aviation, is our expertise.

Apollo’s maintenance oversight personnel save our clients thousands of dollars each year by contracting with the most qualified maintenance providers who can assure the least down-time.  Your monthly management fee assures two layers of qualified personnel overseeing your safety.


Business Aircraft Trade

Network (BAToN)

The first rule of Aviation; aircraft break.

If you elect to have your aircraft back-up other

Apollo client’s, you are eligible to be part of BAToN.  BAToN turns one aircraft into several.  If you are on your way to an important business meeting and your aircraft becomes unavailable or was scheduled for routine maintenance, you are not necessarily grounded if can choose to trade with other Apollo clients.

We welcome the opportunity to help others who get in a tough spot by trading time in our aircraft.  We know we could be in a the same spot sometime.

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Or, perhaps your partner needs to go to Los Angeles while you need to go to Chicago,once or twice a year.  BAToN allows you the opportunity to trade your aircraft time with other clients for the fair hourly cost according to Conklin and deDecker ‘s industry accepted rate.


Now appearing on our website: calendaring, maintenance schedules, finance and flight log tracking, all protected by password.